Hey! Long time no post.

I know, I know… I have been terrible with the blog.

But, hey, juggling pregnancy, loads of work and redecorating a flat (which, in my case, has been a far, far more stressful experience than the pregnancy itself) is not easy and something had to be compromised. It appears that, at least temporarily, the blog is the weakest link.

In the meantime, and until I find time & energy for a decent update, I’ll be sharing bits of my life here. (please say hi if you happen to drop by!)





Maybe it is because it is rainy and dark today, but I felt the need to revisit my pictures from this summer.

I went to Sardegna with a group of friends in the beginning of July. We stayed with our friend’s P parents, close to Santa Teresa di Gallura in the north tip of the island. It was 7 days of sea, sun, food (including several kg of pane guttiau) and friends. All that is needed for a perfect holiday.

Online love


If I could only shop in one place online, this would be my destination:

So much to love.

Left: Rachel Comey Nexus Shearling Coat.

Right: Kenzo Side Vent Blouse and Tiger Heads Denim.
Jil Sander Two Tone Metallic Loafers.

Left: Avelon Flame Dress.

Right: Acne Ego Twill Jacket. Dieppa Restrepo Camilla Boots.

Left: Isabel Marant Lilo Ballerina Flats.

Right: A.P.C. Nubuck Side Zip Pouch.

Left: Electric Feathers Enano Chevron Bag.

Right: Rachel Comey Lapis Boots.

Left: Dries Van Noten Ruti Coat. Zero Maria Cornejo Asha Boots.Yohji Yamamoto Pocketable Hat.

Right: Dries Van Noten Tariq Sweater. Dries Van Noten Sanaa Velvet Skirt.
Pierre Hardy Structured Pumps.

Left: Kenzo Lightning Bolt Jacquard Pullover. Rachel Comey Clue Cross Body Bag. Zero Maria Cornejo Asha Boots.

Right: Dries Van Noten Darwin Dress.

New in: knitwear


, ,

Given my current state, there are not many things worth buying garments-wise.I have been “lucky” so far and I’m still able to wear many of my clothes at almost 7 months pregnant.* But even if my body hasn’t gone through many dramatic changes (yet…) I think there’s no point in spending a lot of money in clothes before the baby is here.

The exception to this rule has been knitwear because, well, it’s kind of stretchy (and, well, I had to vent out my consumerist instintcs anyhow :)

I keep seeing gorgeous sweaters popping up everywhere in great colours and patterns and I have to stop myself from buying too many of them! I think I have bought 5 or 6 wool sweaters since July. Totally renewing my wardrobe in this department.
Here’s the last batch arriving to my closet. All pink and burgundy tones…

By Malene Birger (The Outnet)
Pink, silver and very roomy thanks to the opening in the back

Helmut Lang (The Outnet)
I always wanted to get something by Helmut Lang but the price range is usually out of my budget. In June I was given a gift voucher from The Outnet and it was the prefect excuse to finally splurge.

IRO (My-Wardrobe)
My first item from French brand IRO. It was calling my name.

* Big, huge exception being the underwear department… The bras department in particular. There was no way I could keep wearing my old bras while pregnant. That has been a dra-ma-ti-c change in my body. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to go back to my pre-pregnancy size. Uff.. a topic worth of a separate post on its own :)



A.P.C. Black Stripe Jenny Jumper
(so lovely but £170 for 41% acrylic, really?)

Saint Laurent Black/Silver Betty Bag
(ahah… it will never happen)

Isabel Marant Ziggy double-breasted coat
(such a good cut, and colour, and I’d wear it forever…
but it will never happen – part ii)

Aurelie Bidermann Gold wheat necklace
(I love Aurelie Bidermann pieces. This is so good. And it’s gold. It’d be sort of an investment, right?)

Isabel Marant Etoile Prune ruffle skirt
(so feminine, so pretty. I wish it had an elasticated waistband… as it is it won’t fit my size 52-and-growing waist)

Woolrich literary walk parka and Isabel Marant Felton parka(I need something like this: practical, very warm, good quality and atemporal. Can I find something similar on the high street? The search is on)


at least 15cm of hair gone.

I had been thinking of getting a substantial haircut for a few months (more exactly after seeing this picture back in January…). And last week I reached that ‘it’s now never’ kind of moment. I had to do it as soon as possible :)

Here’s the right before & after:

And yesterday, after shampoo, conditioner and a 2 min blow dry… Hanging on! (actually I kind of prefer it after the wash, i.e. a bit messier. The straight off the hairdresser look does not feel like me.)

New girl…


Still on wardrobe matters…

Even though I am about to get a new, larger closet, soon there will be another girl competing for wardrobe space with me. Yep, I am expecting a baby girl!

She’s only (?) due in December, but I have already gathered quite a few little pieces for her…

I really have to police myself and keep in mind that babies grow very quickly, otherwise I would spend all my money in baby clothes! They are simply the most adorable thing.

Speaking of adorable (and of sort of unnecessary, extravagant purchases), here is my favourite thing so far:

A little rabbit romper from Stella McCartney ♥

With 2 girls at home, my husband is already asking himself whether he’ll get any wardrobe space at all :)

Wardrobe organization


…or how do I fit a million things in 2 small wardrobes…

I decided to take a few pictures of my closets after seeing this very nice post with wardrobe organization tips in Laura Fantacci’s blog.

Obviously, my level of glamour is waaay below that of Laura’s fashion forward friends. Still, I thought it’d be fun to show you how I (try to) keep my stuff (moderately) organised.

I live in a small 60-65 sq m flat (average for London standards, I suppose) and have to keep all my clothes, shoes and accessories in two smallish wardrobes in the study. Fortunately, my husband is very frugal with clothes (same cannot be said about books and dvds, but that’s another story…), which means I can keep a disproportionately large space of the study for me.

So, here we go…

This is the “big” wardrobe. On the left side I keep jackets, skirts and a few trousers, and the right side is reserved for shirts and dresses.
I try to keep it roughly organised by colour to making things easier.

The bottom of the wardrobe is filled with Muji boxes, where I store scarves, hats, gloves and bags, as well as some more delicate items of clothing.

The Muji boxes

The (squashed, poor) handbags

And this is the “small” wardrobe. Due to the limited amount of shelves (why? why? I need shelves!) I’d to buy these Ikea hangers where I can stack all my tees, tops and jersey dresses. I try to keep it organised by type and colour (i.e. white, darks, stripes, jersey dresses, etc), but, yeah, it gets permanently messy as you can see. Ideally I’d tidy it up every weekend…

Next to these red hangers I keep my wool jumpers and dresses and at the bottom I try to stack all the shoe boxes…

The wools (the middle shelf is actually my husband’s. I know, I’m so generous giving him all this space…)

The shoes

and more shoe boxes outside

Finally, in the bedroom I keep my makeup and jewellery, which I try to store as much as possible inside Muji acrylic boxes…

all the makeup and hair products (most used or chunkier items remain outside the boxes)

makeup roughly organised by “function”: pencils, lips, eye-shadows…

just to give you a perspective of our different levels of consumption grooming

jewellery (less used items go in the big patterned box)

And that’s basically it.

The bad news? I’ve got too much stuff. Keeping it organised in a smallish space means periodical editing (and consequent ebay selling or family/charity donations) AND permanent tidying up.

The good news? I am moving to a larger house very soon! And even if it won’t be fulfilling my dream of having a walk-in wardrobe (yet!), it’ll have more storage space. And shelves. Wardrobes with shelves. Yahoo!

A week of outfits


I took part of this task whereby I had to photograph all the outfits I wore over a course of 7 days, from morning to evening.

So, here’s what I wore…

As you can probably tell from the photos, I spent a few days working from home and/or running errands in the neighborhood. Hence the short skirts, havaianas, messy hair and overall level of sophistication :)

Hey! what do you wear when you are alone, working from home? I usually don’t put on any makeup and 9 out of 10 times will be wearing a messy ponytail, havaianas on my feet and an as-comfortable-as-possible outfit (typically dress or tee + shorts/skirt combo).

In any case, it was a fun exercise and it put me back in blogging mood :)

A restaurant


, ,

And now for something completely different…

I would like to tell you about this restaurant I visited last Saturday: Gail’s kitchen in Bloomsbury, off Tottenham Court Road.

As you can guess from the name, it shares the same owners as Gail’s bakeries, but it offers a different concept: a variety of small dishes to share. Perfect for a lunch or a light (depending on how many little dishes you have) dinner.

We found it by surprise on our way to visit Habitat/Heal’s and it was like coming across the perfect little oasis amidst the ubiquitous Pret, Cafe Nero et al. It was calm, comfortable, beautifully decorated, with attentive service and, the most important, innovative and tasty food. We only sampled 4 or 5 dishes but wish we could have tried many more (and one day we will, we will…).

Here a few pictures of the place and the dishes we tried…

Stoneground polenta chips with fresh tomato salsa & sour cream

Burnt aubergine & goat’s cheese ravioli with shaved fennel & butter

Sticky chicken with roast garlic, heritage carrots & almonds

Pizza bianca with slow roast tomato, fennel salami, mozzarella & pistou

There was also an a-m-a-z-i-n-g brown sourdough & raspberry ripple ice cream, which I forgot to photograph.

The bottom line: if you find yourself hungry and around Tottenham Court Road/ Bloomsbury area, head to Gail’s Kitchen.