I like baking. It’s one of my favourite pastimes and I’d definitely do it more often if it weren’t for my diet. We’re so greedy with food here at home that every time I bake a cake we make sure we finish it on the same day (you never know what can happen to the cake overnight…).

the book

Unsurprisingly, I also love baking books (in fact, I love all sorts of cooking books). Thus, when my friend Christine told me about how impressed she was with the humming bird bakery cookbook I ordered it from amazon on the same day.

And, oh boy…, the book is such a delight to the eye!

the recipe


Yesterday I decided to try one of its recipes for the first time.  I went for the black bottom cupcakes, which are a mix of dark chocolate sponge with baked cheesecake (you can also find the recipe here).

the process



The recipe is very easy to follow and all ingredients are pretty standard and easy to find in any kitchen (e.g., no special colourings).




Et voila, 6 small cupcakes ready in about 1hr (including baking time).




The verdict: tasty (possibly even better with frosting, which I didn’t make this time), but, to be honest, I’ve seen better in terms of taste-effort ratio. Next task: red velvet cupcakes (with frosting, biensur).