I love Totoro. I absolutely love the movie and I love the little fellow himself. My Neighbour Totoro was one of the first movies I watched with Giacomo. In fact, Giacomo screened this film during a movie night in the college we used to live. I couldn’t help falling for a man who selects Totoro for a movie night screening :)

These little buddies (also a gift from Giacomo…) take a special place in our living room. Totoro and his friends Chu Totoro and Chibi Totoro (the blue and white fellas, respectively) have now the company of Maneki Neko, the little Fortune cat we brought from Hong Kong earlier this summer. I think they make a very happy group.

Totorini and their little buddy

In case you haven’t watched My Neihbour Totoro, please do it. It’s a little masterpiece. Miyazaki is able, like no other writer-director, to take you in a journey of dreams and fantasy back to childhood.