These are my two new little dogs: Lola and Conchita (eheh! great names chosen by my brother and totally approved by me). Well, in truth they are my parents’ new dogs and I have only seen them on pictures as they are in Portugal. Can’t wait to go there to meet them!

Lola & Conchita

I always had dogs at home growing up. So, when I moved to London I really missed not having them around anymore (in fact, I missed it so much that at some point I even considered becoming a dog-walker in part-time…). I’ve lived in university halls of residence and in shared flats for many years and it was impossible (i.e., forbidden) to keep an animal there.  I’m also not very fond of the idea of keeping a dog in a flat. I think pets needs company and a bit of space in order to be happy and healthy. Maybe one day we’ll buy a house with a garden and then I can have a couple of dogs… For now, I’ll content myself by admiring other people’s dogs :)