Last week I bought some rice flour from our corner shop. Our favourite corner shop is Iranian (I think) and it is a little gem. You can find basically anything there: from a profusion of middle eastern products (unsurprisingly) to Indonesian candy and Brazilian coffee. All in an area of less than 30 sq metres. I believe that if I search carefully I’ll be able to find out something Portuguese too.

Anyway, the point is that I decided to buy a pack of rice flour as I love anything rice based. I have fond memories of eating Nestum de Arroz (a rice porridge mix made of rice flour) and bolos de arroz (Portuguese rice cakes, which you can now find in many places in London, alongside the famous Pastel de Nata) throughout my childhood in Portugal, and I wanted to cook something similar.

Well, it turned out I didn’t cook anything Portuguese… Instead I baked a Bibingka, which is a typical (I’ve just found out) Filipino rice cake, after coming across this recipe here (in Portuguese). The ‘original’ English version can be found here.

The result

Delicious. Must try if you like rice and coconut milk.