I bought these shoes around 2005. An eternity ago essentially. I think they were my very first purchase from net-a-porter.

I remember it was love at first sight. I knew I had to have them, but they were sold out in my size (they were also way beyond my student budget… but that’s a completely different story). After a patient wait (or better, after a few days of obsessive-compulsive checking of net-a-porter’s product page), a pair in my size eventually showed up. And there they were… my dreamy, beautiful green Marc Jacobs mary-janes.

Since then I have worn them 3 times. Walking in them is simply ex-cru-ti-a-ting. They are probably the item with the highest cost per wear ratio in my closet. I could have sold them on ebay (maybe someone else could find them comfortable?)… But they are just too adorable. Just looking at them makes me happy, and there’s a price to pay for that.

These shoes are not made for walking. They were made for contemplation. I’m OK with that.