I am so sorry I haven’t dedicated any time to this little blog lately… the thing is that I’ve been a little busy bee for the last past days. I’d a very important presentation at work that almost consumed all my focus and mental energy. But, that’s now done and dusted! In fact, I was so happy with the outcome of that presentation (and with life in general – how wonderful is London when the sun is shinning, by the way?), that I went for a celebratory dance, which in Sónia’s own language means that I decided to give myself a little treat. Nothing too extravagant, just these two little pieces from Topshop (now that I think about it, I hadn’t bought anything from Topshop for ages. I guess it’s a sign of age – with time I’ve got a lot pickier and more demanding with the quality of the things I buy. But, anyway, I digress).

Not be worn together, though :)

On a separate note, I’m flying to Porto for the weekend (and, more important, for my father’s 60th birthday!) tomorrow. Yupeee! I’ll finally meet my parents’ new dogs. I’ll post some pictures of them and of my sunny little city over the next couple of days.