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I bought a couple of Portuguese magazines when I went to Portugal last week, as I always do when I go there. Although these magazines don’t show as much of Portuguese brands as I’d like to see, it is always good to catch up on what’s going on there fashion-wise. Living in a city like London, where we can get easy access to so many interesting fashion brands from all over the world, I unfortunately end up overlooking some good things made in Portugal… So, I was pleased to see be reminded that my compatriots are also coming up with very interesting stuff. Alves/Gonçalves is a well-respected duo of Portuguese designers based in Lisbon. Their autumn/winter 2011-12 collection was literally in all magazines I bought. I can understand why seeing how pretty, elegant and easy to wear every item is. It does remind me of Marc Jacobs autumn/winter 2011-12.

A peek of my favourite looks…

Good, no? Nothing groundbreaking for sure… but I’d be happy to wear any of these looks.