Bracelets have been my favourite item of jewellery for the last few years. I like rings a lot but always find it difficult to get the right size/shape (I’ve got skinny fingers with big knuckles and finding a ring that suits is really a challenge). I don’t wear necklaces that often, and I don’t remember the last time I put some earrings on (actually I do remember, it was on my wedding day… 4 months ago!). There’s no particular reason for that. It just happens that I like to use accessories with moderation and I find bracelets the easiest to mix & match regardless of the clothes I’m wearing.

So I’d like to introduce you to my most-loved bracelets :)First row (left to right): New Look metal cuff ♥ Ivory bracelet from Nepal (that’s what the seller said… it’s bought in Portugal by my parents) ♥ Marni wood and resin bracelet ♥ wooden bracelet from Brazil

Second row: NW3 ladybug ♥ Silver bracelet from Myanmar ♥ Oasis green and gold bacelet ♥ Silver cuff (made by my uncle! This is probably my most used item of jewellery ever) ♥ Raffia bangle from Brazil

Third row: Philippe Audibert silver bracelet ♥ Lily and Lionel leather wrap bracelet ♥ Philippe Audibert silver cuff ♥ Whistles wrap bracelet