For reasons unknown I’ve always liked to display the gifts I receive for my birthday or for Christmas so that people (i.e. me) could appreciate the year’s harvest in full. When I was younger I remember I’d leave all my Christmas presents on display on my bed for days in a row (typically until my mother would get fed up and order me to put everything in the right drawers/cabinets) just to have the pleasure to look at all my new toys. I thought this habit would fade away with time, as I get older and more serious and mature, but it hasn’t been the case.  It still gives me a lot of pleasure to go through this little ritual of preparing my own gift display for the only purpose of looking at it and feeling happy. The only difference is that I’ve now replaced the dolls by clothes and books.

This is the latest gift display:

First row: red jacquard wool dress (very Christmassy, I think) ♥ super-cozy pyjama set

Second row: Vanessa Bruno Athe shoulder applique sweater ♥ A.P.C. wool sweater

Third row: the Anthropologie corner! De-li-ci-ous Peyton and Byrne baking book (beautiful! Can’t wait to try one of its recipes) ♥ S mug ♥ Ladies-in-waiting dinner plate (for the Princess in the house :) ♥ Baking notepad (very useful for writing down my recipes) ♥ Colourful placemats ♥ Colourful oven mitt (to match my Anthropologie apron)