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I LOVE the French high street. Every time I’ve the chance to travel to Paris, I know I will be swooning over all those lovely boutiques and wanting to bring home way more stuff than my suitcase and my budget allow me to. And although we can nowadays find most of the good French brands here in the UK, there’s still a special pleasure in visiting the “original” stores and peut-être finding that fantastic item that won’t be available to buy this side of the Channel.

My latest French discovery was the brand Claudie Pierlot, which I got to know last time I went to Paris, in August. Since then, I have been waiting for their Autumn-Winter  catalogue to go online in order to make this post. And, finally, here it is (even though I think the catalogue photos don’t do justice to the actual clothes/accessories in the stores).

Well, and since I was gonna show you some Claudie Pierlot, I didn’t resist taking the opportunity to add a few other of my French crushes…

Claudie PierlotBa&sh

SessùnSandroMaje(all collages are mine using photos available from the brands’ websites, with the exception of Sessùn, whose photos came from here)

PS: ah! I should stress that these mini-sample of French crushes excludes my biggest French loves, i.e. the so-called holy trinity™ Vanessa Bruno + Isabel Marta + A.P.C…. But these are worthy of an entirely new and separate post.

PPS: While doing my research on Claudie Pierlot I learned that this brand is owned by the same group that also owns Maje and Sandro. A bit of a bummer. I always hope that these cute brands are all independently owned, very unique, small-scale and so on. I am dreamer, I know.