The plan: I left home this afternoon with the intention of going to my office to work for a couple of hours (yes, too many years in university do this to you: you feel a little bit of guilt  every time you don’t go to work, even when it happens to be a Sunday. as if you’re wasting time in a journey that will lead you to a major scientific discovery… completely stupid), but instead I ended up at Liberty.

The excuse: I received a small gift voucher from Liberty and wanted to see if there was anything interesting I could afford with it.

The result: I ended up getting this body balm from Aesop

The major digression: This is my first Aesop product. Yes, I know I’m very late jumping in the bandwagon. I’ve been reading great reviews on Aesop products for quite some time, but I’ve been a bit suspicious about all the hype around the brand… I’m afraid it is just another relatively pricey, relatively difficult to find (at least until it opened its first stores and outlets in the UK), too cool for school type of thing. That put me off. Plus, I’m quite happy with my beauty regimen at the moment and I think I should remain faithful to my favourites (which took me so many years to find!).

The end: Anyway, I gave in and bought an Aesop  orange scented body moisturiser. I felt in love with the smell. Now the funny thing is that I only very rarely wear perfume / eau de toilette (and if so only this little treasure I brought from Paris), but I LOVE scented products for the body (current favourites being this, this and this). And I think as far as scent goes we’ve got a winner with this Aesop balm (that is, if you’re fond of fruity scents). Its moisturising properties still need further inspection, though. I’ll need a couple of weeks to report back :)

PS: other things I liked in Liberty (but that I could not afford with my gift voucher): literally everything from Dries Van Noten, all shoes/boots from Martin Margiela (why is it so difficult to find simple, beautiful shoes like this at a more affordable price? Why do cheaper brands have to complicate so much?), almost everything from Phillip Lim, almost all shoes from Acne, lots of stuff from Helmut Lang, a few very cute items from Sessun, APC and Whyred.
PPS: and things I surprisingly(?) didn’t like: I didn’t really like almost anything in Isabel Marant’s racks. hmmm…