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My closet has been invaded by a wine-red wave over the last couple of months…Clockwise from top left corner:

♥ Asos knitted cotton dress: I hadn’t bought anything from Asos for years (I’ve got serious concerns about their quality after a few bad experiences), but I decided to take the risk with this dress and I’m actually quite pleased with it. It is certainly not the kind of piece I’ll pass to my daughter (if I ever have one), but it’ll do its job for a couple of seasons at least

♥ Whistles silk skirt: I’ve had this skirt for at least 2 years. It has huge pockets and I usually wear it with thick black tights and boots

♥ American Apparel chiffon skirt: I’m loving AA’s chiffon collection. I’ve got a great navy chiffon blouse as well and I could happily add a few more colours to my collection…

♥ Zara cashmere sweater: lovely basic. A bit concerned about buying cashmere from Zara. Really hope it lasts because I love the colour and the simple cut

♥ Monki blouse: I think the cut and details in this blouse are great (which you obviously don’t see in this picture, but can check here). My husband says I look like a nun when I wear it, because it’s very austere and non-revealing at all, but I take that as a compliment :) Unfortunately, it’s 100% polyester. I’m considering having it made in silk

… and a potential addition to my burgundy section, which I’ve been considering for 2 or 3 months now…

picture from matchesfashion.com

…Raoul’s Marianne bag. I love almost everything about it, but I know am not a small bag kind of girl. I need something larger to wear during the day in order to be able to carry the 250 kg of useless stuff I usually bring with me. Anyway, still under consideration…

All in all, I’m finding this wine-red invasion absolutely great. I love the versatility of this colour. It looks great with navy blue, grey, black, mustard yellow, different shades of pink… and brings some life to my pale complexion. Perfect.