I discovered Clare Vivier‘s blog and wonderful bags a couple of years ago almost by chance while wandering in the internet. I fell immediately in love with the unpretentious style… and with the beautiful colour selection.  Just have a look at these clutches!

But there’s not only clutches. They also do totes, messenger bags, travel bags, accessories…

In fact, my true love in the whole collection is the classic Tropezienne bag ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ We all know what I really really need is a black leather tote. But La Tropezienne would be soooo welcome :) My favourite is the tan version with the longer arm strap. Timeless!

If you liked the bags go and check Clare’s blog as well. It captures well the spirit of the brand in my opinion: unpretentious, interesting, fun and stylish. Plus, it’s full of backstage details of the development/ creation process, which makes you appreciate all the effort that goes behind setting up and developing a brand.

PS: in the UK Clare Vivier’s bags are available at the lovely online shop Bodie and Fou.

(All collages are mine using pictures from seevivier.com and bodieandfou.com)