Received over the holidays…

Oyster card holder (to prevent that little daily moment of panic when |I cannot find my metro pass among the 23487 items in my handbag) and wallet

Suede fringed shoulder bag to match my minnetonkas (I’m starting to feel very Pocahontas :)

Little hearts cotton scarf. I can never have too many scarves.

Striped cashmere gloves. Long and super-soft. Perfect.

Polka dotted leather handbag. Absolutely love at first sight.

Angora jumper (with its own piercings!). The lovely soft angora leaves a red track on everything it touches…

Wool jersey skirt. Super tight but with flattering draping.

Earrings. New year resolution: I will wear earrings more often. Different from everything else I own, this colourful longish pair is a good start.

Comic books. I’ve devoured Marzi in about 3 days. A journey through  the life of a dreamy little girl during the 1980s in (communist) Poland. ADORABLE.  I haven’t started Hilda and the midnight giant yet.

Love love love everything.
Feeling very cuddled with all the kindness and love. The gifts were just a little part of it. The last weeks in Portugal and in Italy have been an absolute delight. Family, friends, pets, food, sun, snow, hugs, laughs, love. I am feeling energised and looking forward to the new challenges 2012 will bring. January & February will be electric for a start, but I know I’ll handle it.
Big hug to all xxx