I used to be a big fan of anything by Marc by Marc Jacobs. I remember how excited I would get every time new clothes and accessories arrived in Net-a-Porter. This was around 2004-2005… Over the last few years that excitement has faded away. With a bit of sadness, I have to admit I rarely found anything I liked in the last 5 or 6 collections. Or better, anything that would justify paying the (not so cheap) prices.

Is that I have grown too old for Marc by MJ? Or is that its collections are simply not as interesting as they used to be? Maybe a bit of both.

But, alas, that old love might be slooowly coming back. Maybe it’s more like a sort of  admiration than real love, but I quite like a few things Marc by MJ that I’ve seen lately. Here’s a selection of some items I wouldn’t mind having in my closet:

(All items from Net-a-Porter, except spotty top and black leather bag, which are from My-Wardrobe)