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I know this may seem a bit too insane considering I’m in the Northern hemisphere, it’s January and about 5°C outside, but I cannot stop thinking about Summer sandals since I’ve spotted Isabel Marant’s Merry sandals on Net-a-Porter.

I’ve been looking for this type of sandals for at least two years. I’m tired of all the super-gladiator craze (and by that I mean 2000 straps up to the knee, beads, studs and the like) that has taken over most of the brands for the past 5(?) or so years and I’d like something simple, well-made, in leather and as timeless as possible. Almost like IM sandals… And I say *almost* because I was never planning to spend £250 on a pair of leather Summer sandals. Mind you, I’m a Southern European girl living in London, which means that (i) I only wear Summer sandals with sunny weather and  temperatures above 25°C, and (ii) there’s probably an absolute total max of 15 days per year that meet both the sun and the min temperature requirements.

But I might have found an alternative. It is called Ancient Greek Sandals. I heard about this brand last year but had never seen the actual sandals in person until last week, when I spotted several pairs for sale in Liberty’s shoe department. I loved them. They’re the kind of thing I’ve been looking for.

I’ll need to try both the IM and the AGS sandals to check what suits me better, but at the moment I’m leaning more towards the latter. Which ones do you prefer?

(pictures from Net-a-Porter and Ancient Greek Sandals)