One thing that always cheers me up is getting a new nail polish or a new lipstick. For someone who knows me this might sound surprising since more often than not I have my nails bare and stick to ultra sheer and discreet lipsticks (Dior or Paul & Joe typically).

How do I explain this? Simply, I am just giving in to the charms of marketing and to the promise of immediate allure. And the result of that is a box full of barely used polishes and lipsticks, which is a pity given that they have cost me some money and I actually like (the idea of wearing) them. Just look at my stock of nail polishes…

And I’ve got a few more in my parents’ house in Portugal…

So officially as of right now I’m swearing off buying any new stuff until I manage to use up most of my current stock. Honestly.

Starting this week: Chanel khaki vert