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♥ Whitles military green jumper ♥ Nudie jeans ♥ Leather ankle boots (no identifiable brand; bought in Portugal) ♥ Etoile Isabel Marant overized coat ♥

This coat is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made on the sales. Super-ultra-warm and so comfortable to wear. I’d seen it at the Isabel Marant shop on Rue Jacob when I went to Paris at the begining of Autumn. I loved it straight away but as it was a bit out of my budget for the trip I managed to convince myself that (i) I didn’t need a new Winter coat and that (ii) Isabel Marant coats are totally overrated. A bit like in the fox and the grapes fable, you know?

Needless to say, back in Britain I couldn’t stop thinking about the coat. I knew I should have trusted my first instinct and get it in Paris. And there was no way I was going to pay an extra 20% for it in Britain.

Well, it turns out that by matters of fate the coat really had to be mine. When I was already in Spring collections mode, I randomly found it in London. In my size. With 50% off. Oh well. End of story.