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Yesterday me and my husband had a 1.30h cooking lesson at Jamie Oliver’s Recipease. This was a (very well-thought!) birthday gift for my husband from his Italian friends, who know about his enthusiasm for cooking. Luckily I was also contemplated as the gift voucher was a lesson for 2 people.

At Recipease you can choose from a wide range of lessons, including how to make fresh pasta, cooking Japanese or typical English dishes among others (see the current lessons on offer here). We decided to go for a South Indian curry as we thought we could learn a great deal from it, since Indian cuisine includes many techniques as well as ingredients we are not familiar with.

It was such a fun experience!  Actually, a lot more fun than I’d expected.

To be very honest, we were not over excited by the prospect of spending 2 hours cooking & eating when we left our home yesterday… mind you, it was Easter Sunday and we’d spent the previous hours having (a big) lunch with friends. Fortunately, we quickly changed our minds once we were actually there (we went to the Clapham Junction branch).

All the staff was very friendly and the cooking lesson itself was very well organized. Upon arrival we are asked to leave our coats & bags in a locker and we’re given our aprons. We were then directed to the working stations (there are about 10-12 of those, each for 2 people as we cook in pairs) and offered 2 drinks of our choice to relax :)

The instructor then proceeds by taking us through the recipe in stages… and then supervises us and answers our questions while we work through it ourselves. And, once we’re done, we can sit down, relax and it our own food together with the other apprentices :)

Overall, the lesson was very clear and easy to follow. A great primer in south Indian cooking. It makes me feel a lot more confident to start cooking Indian dishes on my own.