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I’ve always been a massive fan of the Summer Olympics. I’m the kind of person who would happily spend the whole games glued to the TV watching (almost) all kinds of sports and who have always dreamed of seeing them live in the Olympic Stadium.

Oddly, now that the Games are finally coming to the city I live in, my level of excitement about the Olympics has been at historic lows. Maybe I need to start watching more local TV and reading different papers, but I’m not getting that good Olympics vibe yet. I mean, I guess it’s the curse of being in the host country, but here it’s all a bit too much on the constructions delays, on the Olympic budget, on Westfield shopping mall (?) right next to the Olympic site, on the impact of the Olympics on the London transport system… all a bit too much on the bad side. I want a bit more focus on the athletes, on the national teams, on the Olympic village, on the different sports, on the fun side of the Games!

But I’m sure it’ll get there with time :)

In fact, my excitement levels got a big push last week as I went with Giacomo to a London Prepares event on the Olympic Park. We went to see the synchronised swimming qualification for London 2012 on the Aquatic Park. It was a lot of fun and a great warm-up for the Games!

I tried to take a few photos of the site and of the overall competition but, well, the quality of the photos is really low. The girls were too fast and my camera is too lame…