this week…

♥ my good friend Orlando (whom I’ve known for almost 30 years!) came to London for a super-quick visit. We talked for hours, walked for miles and had some great food at 2 of my favourite spots in central London, Ottolenghi and Da Polpo. I love having friends (and family) staying with us! Plus, with Orlando I could even speak in Portuguese. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m losing touch with my mother tongue as I don’t get many occasions to practice it (except for the phone calls/emails with my parents). I find it  horrific that I need to resort to a dictionary almost every time I need to write a proper email in Portuguese.

Anyway, Orlando brought us this little gift

Say hi to Anna G, our new corkscrew! :)

♥ got this moisturizer from Aésop’s new store in Soho. It is the “rejuvenate intensive body balm” and it has the most delicious scent of tangerine rind + vanilla + sandalwood. Yep, it sounds a bit wintery, but hey, I live in the UK and despite being June it’s rainy and 12C outside! There’s no need for switching to a lighter, summer moisturizer here :)

♥ to compensate for the grey, murky weather I decided to wear this ultra-bright nail colour

♥ I discovered Leslie Kirchhoff’s blog (thanks to Hannah-Rose) and spent a good amount of time browsing through it

It’s so cool when discover a new blog we like, isn’t it?

♥ got these magazines in the mail

The magazine seems to live up to all the positive reviews I’d read around. I’ve only had the opportunity for a quick browse, though, as I’m waiting to savour it when I have more time.

The British Bazaar is one of my favourite glossy magazines. It’s feels like a grown-up fashion magazine without being too snobbish. I’m happy I got a subscription.

♥ wore this outfit (when the weather was still nice and warm). Etoile IM linen shirt and Brandy & Melville trousers.

I got this trousers in Rome last December (actually Giacomo’s mother ended up paying for them as none of my bank card seemed to work. Thank you, Franca!). They are light, lovely and perfect for summer. But also a little dangerous… because they are so long and the fabric is so light I ended up stumbling on them while I was walking and felt on the ground right in the middle of the street. Fortunately, it was a very quiet street and I didn’t hurt myself that much, except for a couple of bruises on my knees and a few scratches on my hands. Well, lesson learned. These trousers have to be shortened and worn with flat shoes.