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More photos from my long weekend in Porto

♥ Restaurant @ Edifício da Alfândega do Porto where we went to see the Oporto Show. This building, which was the city’s old customs-house, has been beautifully converted to a museum/exhibition centre

♥ At Oporto Show of architecture and interior design

♥ Restaurante Book, in Rua de Aviz. This space used to be a bookshop (“Livraria Aviz”), hence its name. Loved the decor and the food.

♥ Mercado Especial de São João at Rua das Flores – street market at Rua das Flores. I love this new wave of markets, workshops and parties that have taken Porto over the last couple of years (maybe a consequence of the recession?). This one in particular was hold in honour of the city’s patron, Saint John the Baptist
On the night of the 23rd June literally thousands of people come to the streets of Porto to celebrate this Saint. There is music, street barbecues (grilled sardines), huge fireworks, loads of hot air balloons and an army of plastic hammers, which we use to hit on other people’s heads. Crazy, I know. It cannot be explained. You need to be there to understand it (alternatively, check out some pictures here or here)

♥ Largo de São Domingos

♥ Ribeira and view of the Douro river + cute cat + more street decorations for São João