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I’m leaving in less than 5 days for a fortnight in Sicily. So this is officially that time of the year when I try to pack all the summer clothes I cannot wear in the UK (for obvious meteorological reasons) in a cabin-size suitcase. The drama…

I thought that if I use this space to list all the items that go into my suitcase, it will give me some sort of method in this strenuous process :)

Let’s start with swimwear. This is the easiest part as I only own 3 bikinis. Haha. I’m not that much into buying swimwear simply because I don’t have many chances to wear it. When I was in Brazil a few years back (I spend some long periods there doing field research) my friends were horrified by the fact that I didn’t follow any swimwear trends (I still don’t. I’ve no idea of the latest fashion in swimwear) and could go through an entire summer with only a pair of bikinis. In fact, 2 out of the 3 bikinis I’m taking to Sicily were bought more than 5 years ago (in Brazil actually), but I couldn’t care less.

Left to right: pink bikini from Salinas (this is a nice beachwear brand from Rio de Janeiro. They always have several items I like), white + tropical print bikini from Blue Man (Blue Man is another great carioca brand of beachwear and this is my favourite bikini. I simply love love love the tropical Brazilian print on the top), green bikini from Reiss (I got this last year because I thought it has a 70s feel that I love).

Next step: evening dresses.