Here is where things start to get complicated. I love wearing dresses and if I could I would pack and take with me all my summer dresses. But I think 3 (maybe 4?) is a more than reasonable number for 2 weeks.

So here’s the short list:

♥ Etoile Hamil dress: very light and fresh, but still perfect to protect my pale skin from the 30C+ sun ♥ See by Chloe striped dress (I really like this one, but I’m afraid it might a bit too hot for the holidays, as it is made of a very think cotton fabric. Still under consideration)

♥ T by A. Wang jersey dress. Very comfortable (perfect for long trips, hopping on and off the car with a few visits to the beach in between), but I’m not convinced its grey colour matches the mood of this trip.  Maybe it’s a bit too urban? Still under consideration.

♥ Vanessa Bruno Athe tunic: this is not under consideration. It’s already in my suitcase. Looks much better on than on the hanger (that’s me on the right wearing it last year in Lombok. Just ignore my dishevelled hair… this picture was taken after a 2 hr-long trip and I don’t travel well on boats)

♥ Pink dress bought at Anthropologie (already in the suitcase) ♥ Pink/lilac dress from Whistles (me wearing it here).

Still need to pack: shorts & skirts / blouses & t-shirts / Accessories (easy. i don’t wear many when I’m on the beach)

Uff… that’s a lot of work.