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I have to share this with you: Isabel’s Hamil dress was my best purchase this year. It’s the dress that got me the most compliments this summer (or better, it was the only dress that got me any compliments this summer), including from my husband, who couldn’t care less whether it is Isabel Marant, Chanel or Primark.

It’s light, fresh, versatile (sleeves can be rolled up or down, which can be very handy to protect you from the sun), easy to pack and it has the-most-wonderful-print.
I say grab it if you can find it on sale.

A few pictures of me wearing it in Palermo…

(in hindsight, I think this handbag was not the best match for the dress… oh well, next time I’ll pair it with a tan-coloured handbag)

(a little Marilyn moment in front of… errr.. Palermo’s cathedral. oops!)