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The sooner I said I wouldn’t pay a lot of money for a pair of printed jeans, the sooner I had to swallow my words…
On the same day I commented on Sue’s blog that I wasn’t sure snake/leopard print jeans were my thing, I came across a pair of Isabel Marant snake-print trousers at 50% off and, guess what?, I thought it was the greatest deal on earth and I ordered them.

Hello coherency! I’d love to meet you…

Anyway, the snake print jeans arrived and I’m torn. They are certainly fun, but they are so, so different from the type of things I usually wear.
My task this Saturday was to think of all items in my wardrobe I can easily pair with them. This is what I came up with…

I can wear it with: 1. American Apparel men’s denim shirt (yes, Giacomo, it’s your shirt) 2. Green silk shirt 3. Grey T by A. Wang tank top
(old Zara suede boots throughout)

4. White shirt (this too, Giacomo) 5. Zara black t-shirt 6. Black t-shirt + military jacket

7. Black shirt from Gap 8. White slouchy linen t-shirt 9. Zara blazer (I love the cut of Zara blazers, by the way)

So, I think I can safely and comfortably pair it with a slouchy, longish top.
However, I’m in doubt… I cannot wear these to work, which makes them essentially a weekend item (and there are only 52 weekends in a year).
Will I still find them fun in 2 or 3 years time? Or will I end up selling them on eBay?

Hmmm, I’ve got two days to decide…