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I don’t know why but I’m in a very black & white phase as you could guess from the last post.
Here’s my b&w outfit of the day…


APC top (old collections, bought in 2006 or 2007)

APC Madras skirt (also from 2007)

Zara suede boots (brand new)

I try to avoid Zara UK as much as I can because (i) I know I will always fall in love with something I clearly don’t need and (ii) its prices are exactly the same as in Portugal, with the difference that they are in £ instead of € (which, at the current exchange rate means a 26.45% markup. Honestly, no kidding!).

But, well, I’m a weak-willed person (does this adjective really exist?) and yesterday I couldn’t resist pop in the Covent Garden branch during my lunch break just for a peek at the new collection.
Obviously, the Zara prophecy came true and as soon as I entered the shop I felt an unconditional love for the suede boots above.
I tried to convince myself that I don’t need any more black boots (see below) or that I could wait and get them next time I go to Portugal (possibly only in 2-3 months. Maybe by then these boots wont be available anymore… the drama!), but it didn’t work. I bought them and I’m wearing them today (they’re very comfortable, by the way).

So this is my current ‘ankle’ boot collection… I basically live in black boots during autumn/winter. I’ve also a pair of knee-high black leather boots and the Bazils (ok, they are not exactly boots, but you get the point).

Is there anything you keep buying (and wearing) repeatedly?
In my case, looking at my closet, it’s definitely black boots and white/black t-shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve, linen, cotton, rayon…). The search for the perfect white/black t-shirt never ends… but that’s material for a different post.

Have a great weekend! xx

Edit: I just remembered I also have these F-troupe black boots I bought last year. Uff, 5 pairs is maybe too much…