• I wore this APC Madras dress by Jessica Ogden


(I cannot pose for pictures. It’s a fact. I asked my husband to direct me but I just couldn’t stop laughing and making crazy faces. These are the best I could get)

• We had our lovely friends Luís and Diane over for lunch. They announced they are engaged and getting married next year. Yay!
I have to send them this little book – a must for any couple planning a wedding:

(Scenes of an Impending Marriage by Adrian Tomine – find it here or in any good comic bookshop)

• We ate a massive pasta dish cooked by Giacomo (sorry, no photos. We’re too voracious) followed by delicious sorbet from la Piccola Dely (an Italian deli near our flat) and this lime & yogurt cake baked by moi

(picture and recipe from This is Glamorous)

If you like baking you should definitely try this recipe. It’s very easy and the result is super yummy.

• I tried to watch Lord of the Rings (my second attempt). And I gave up, much to my husband’s disappointment. Yes, visually stunning. No, story doesn’t work for me. I know, I’m part of the minority on this :(