Yesterday, thanks to my friend T (thank you!!!!), I had the opportunity to attend  a show at the London Fashion Week for the first time: the Moschino Cheap and Chic Spring/Summer 2013.

In truth, I had already attended a LFW show. A few years ago, the (beautiful) residence hall where I used to live in Bloomsbury was chosen to host the show of a young and at the time almost unknown designer called Erdem.  The people organizing were kind enough to let me watch it in the backstage, where I was overwhelmed by the incredibly beautiful dresses and also, I have to admit, by the grace and elegance  of the models as I observed while they waited to go on the catwalk, posing for photographers or getting the last styling details fixed.

This time it was a very different experience. I got a proper invitation and I watched the show in the “main stage”. Interesting experience, but not as good to observe the clothes or the models as the catwalk show is really too quick and there is too much going on at the same time diverting one’s attention: too much music, too many flashes, too many people, too much adrenalin (at least for me, since I’m inexperienced in these type of things).

On the other hand, this show was fabulous for big magazine-editors and street-style celebrity sightings. Alexandra Shulman, Kate Lanphear, Alexa Chung, Julia Sarr-Jamois (super-cute!)… Unfortunately, I couldn’t share my countryside girl excitement upon seeing these fashion celebrities with my 2 male companions as they had no idea and couldn’t care less about the people I was talking about. Typical dialogues were along the lines:  Sonia:”Look that’s ____replace with name of street-style/magazine cover star____!” my friend: “Who is that? what does she do?”  Sonia:”she’s in lots of fashion magazines..er… I think she…er… I don’t know what she does actually”.  Yes, guys, thanks for helping put things into perspective.

Anyway, it was a fun experience. I didn’t manage to take almost any decent picture of the clothes (too many things going on – models with cute clothes, music, lights, celebrities – I cannot multi-task!), but here’s a few shots that give you an idea of the “vibe”

This was the grand finale…

And my favourite photo, taken by Giacomo…

(look at the model’s ultra-long legs!)

You probably get a sense from the pictures – the clothes were bright, happy, super-colourful. All very 1970s inspired. I can see a 19-year old super-cute wearing them (how a 19-year old is going to afford Moschino cheap & chic is another matter, but that’s something between them and their parents, I suppose). Shoes and bags were also a lot of fun, as you’d expect from Moschino. You should definitely have a look at the whole collection on Style.com.

Ah, to finish on a truly cheap and hopefully chic note, here’s what I wore…

Whistles lilac silk shirt (I wanted to wear a bright colour because it was Moschino) + my usual grey jeans from Anthropologie + Office shoes shown in the previous post (this picture was taken at the end of the evening and as you can see I couldn’t stand with my feet straight anymore after wearing them for 5 hours) +

+ my dear old clutch from Gap (my usual companion in this type of more formal events)