Ciao from Rome! A quick post to share some bits of my day yesterday…

Sun and blue sky. How amazing! A little bit of summer in late September.

My breakfast always has to include bread, butter and coffee with milk (homemade jam is very much welcome too). Otherwise, it’s not breakfast. My husband calls it the “Portuguese breakfast” because my parents have exactly this same thing every morning. But maybe this not really a Portuguese thing, just my family’s.

My outfit for the day (didn’t wear the jeans shirt in the end because it was too hot). A nice dress to meet my husband’s grandparents for lunch.

A walk in the park on the way to grandparents’ house.

At the grandparents’

The most delicious red fruits tart for dessert.

Back at ‘home’ to do some work…

The floral dress came to Rome with me.

Ready to go out for dinner. Whistles silk shirt (from 1 or 2 yrs ago) and the usual grey jeans.

Roman “street food”.

Face-to-face. Giacomo and his friend Adriano. Adriano is our ‘sartorialist’ friend (I need to post a full picture of him here. Such a good style).

(Giant) Bruschetta.

And Roman pizza.

Welcome to the Carbs Kingdom!