Hi! Long time no see… I’ve been incredibly busy at work and without time (or better, without energy) to update the blog. I was away from the office only for 3 days but somehow on my return it felt like I had 1 month of work to catch up…

Anyway, I’m back and I’d like to introduce you to the new member of my closet: Mademoiselle Plume, the dow jacket that resulted from a collaboration between Comptoir des Cotonniers and Uniqlo (these two brands are owned by the same Japanese group, by the way).
Very light, warm and cute. I think it’ll be perfect underneath my winter coats in colder days.

And it’s also reversible – a perfect 2-in-1!

I think that with the gray Comptoir jacket, the Marant Momo jacket (which I bought in July but haven’t shared here yet) and this one I’m definitively done with Fall jackets for, at least, the next 3 years.

Au revoir!