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Yes, I did it again – I bought another item at Comptoir des Cotonniers. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but from time to time I develop a childish obsession with some brands and I start coveting almost everything they come out with.

Anyway, this time the item of choice was this teal top with a silk insert.

I loved the colour (didn’t have anything similar in my closet) and I have a soft spot for lace/silk details like this.

I thought this top would be easy to match not only with jeans (which I wear almost on a daily basis), but also with a skirt in case I need something a little bit more elaborate to go out for dinner or a party (not that I am attending that many parties these days… ). Here I’m wearing it with my favourite skirts:

♥ My T by Alexander Wang jersey skirt  ♥ a silk skirt from Whistles – I love the bow on the waist and the fact it has pockets (I love when skirts or dresses have pockets. They are so useful – why are they so underestimated in fashion?) ♥ a Vanessa Bruno skirt – this one does not have pockets but rather a draping detail on the hip, very Vanessa-Bruno-style. I love this skirt. I have had it for 5 (6?) years and almost never wear it (it is SO short!) but it is the kind of piece I cannot part away with. I feel happy just from looking it. ♥

PS: As I was writing this post my husband’s cousin, Benedetta, sent me a 30% off voucher discount for Comptoir des Cotonniers (haha… you see? it’s beyond me. It’s destiny forcing me to spend money with Comptoir).
As she is based in Italy, I am not sure it will work in the UK (or elsewhere outside Italy)… but you may want to give it a try? The code is CHICVIP and the offer is valid (on a selection of articles) for 24hr only on Thursday 18th. Thanks Benedetta!