Speaking of Whistles… They did a crazy flash sale last Thursday when all last season pieces were priced at £20.
I took the opportunity to snap up a long black dress I’d seen in store some months ago and had found very nice.

The dress arrived today and here’s how it looks like on…

It’s cool and elegant, even though I could probably do with 1 size smaller in the chest area…

But the real issue is: when am I going to wear this dress?
I confess the main reason why I bought it was the price, which was discounted from £250 to £20 (!), because I don’t really need a long black dress like this right now.

On the other hand, I like the way it looks on me, I like the fabric and I think it is a well made piece, i.e. it’s really good value for £20!

What should I do? Convince my single friends to get married (in the evening, preferably) so that I can wear it? I’m attending two weddings next summer, so maybe I can wear it to one of them…