…was mostly spent working at home.

But it is OK. It’s too cold to be outside and working on Sunday (hopefully) means my week will be slightly more relaxed.

On the other hand, working on Sunday also means that all sorts of domestic chores I usually handle during the weekend (like tidying up my closet, ironing clothes and several other super-fun activities) will have to wait a few more days to be completed :(

A few snapshots from my afternoon…

From top:

new favourite Dyptique scent – Choisya. I like light scented candles and this one has the most delicate orange blossom fragrance. If I have to work on a Sunday at least I make sure I work in the most comfortable and pleasant environment possible :)

Love is sweet: rice muffins and my new apron. My friend Rosa (who besides being a stunning beauty – old-school Italian diva, really! – great cook and overall lovely girl, is also a talented amateur photographer and videomaker. Hi Rosa!) posted a picture of these muffins on facebook yesterday and I HAD TO get the recipe because I love rice and all rice-derivatives (and because I’ve a considerable surplus of rice flour at home that I need to use as soon as possible). The ‘Love is sweet’ apron was a surprise gift sent from Canada by the super-sweet (and also super-pretty :) Anabela, as a thank-you gesture for a tiny little help I gave her. Muito obrigada, Anabela!

New batch for ebay (?): I have too many clothes. It’s a fact. Most days I live happily with it. Lately, however, it’s been making me feel uncomfortable (my husband will be pleased to read this...). I need to declutter. I’ve stuck to the 1-in, 1-out rule but it isn’t enough. These are the likely candidates for my next Ebay sale. APC, Whistles, See by Chloe, Vanessa Bruno. All lovely, all underused.

Magazines, magazines: I’ve a small magazine addiction. I buy too many of them.  I keep (collect?) them for too long. There are piles of magazines everywhere. To be read (I’m really behind. Still reading the September issues) and also to be thrown out. This is another area of my life where I also need to declutter. I’ve already decided I’m not going to renew some of my magazine subscriptions and I’ll stick to a maximum of 2 magazines/ month. The goal is to be more selective and to cut on the ‘disposable readings’. In the long run, less magazines, more good books. Hopefully.

Makeup & jewellery boxes: I try to keep all my makeup and all my jewellery in acrylic Muji boxes… but I invariably end up with a very messy dressing table, with piles of makeup products, bracelets, earrings and necklaces everywhere, by the end of the week. How do you store these items? How do you manage to keep them all tidy and well organised? 

Yeah, I guess you get the picture. I’ve been very much obsessed with organization and tidiness lately…