I have brought a new jacket with me from Portugal. It is, in fact, a very old jacket. It belonged to my great-grandmother, then to my grandmother, after that it was passed on to my mother and now it’s in London with me.

It is a beautiful jacket. The complicated part is that it is made of fur. Real fur.

Because of that reason it has sat in my closet in Portugal unworn for over two decades.
I’ve always felt very strongly against the use of fur. And now I’m torn and feeling guilty in my conscience because I really like this jacket and would really like to wear it. I love the cut, I love the three big buttons, I love the fact it’s really old but still looks modern and I’d love it even more if it were made of faux fur…

I try to fool myself coming up with reasons why it’s ok to wear this jacket:

• it was made in the 1950s… I mean, whatever animal(s?) had to be killed to provide the fur for it, they were killed more than 60 years ago.

• Nobody will realise/believe it’s real fur… I mean, I don’t look like someone who can afford/want to spend money on a fur coat, do I? Therefore, I cannot be accused of promoting a trend.

• It’s beautiful.

But, deep inside, I know it will never be right for me. (Plus, my brother already promised he won’t speak to me if I ever wear it. Good little brother, I taught him well.)

So please feel free to slap me if you ever come across me + the fur jacket walking happily in the streets of London.
(I’m already feeling guilty for having brought it from Portugal.)