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A few things that could make a girl (like me, for instance :) very happy this Christmas…

i. Grace by Grace Coddington: Because she’s cool, bright, strong, fun, good professional and everyone loves her (at least) after seeing The September Issue. I want to know what she has to say in this book.

ii. Roasted chestnut candle by Jo Malone: Chestnuts. My favorite food in the world. Enough said.

iii. Silver earrings by Chan Luu: Delicate, feminine, beautiful. Because I’m worth it.

iv. Flavie shirt by Isabel Marant Etoile: Because I have been thinking about this shirt for months.

v. Nightshirt by Eberjey: Because I need to upgrade my childish sleepwear to something elegant and more in line with my current age. I’ve been wearing the same pajamas/nightgowns for years now. Worse than that (and I probably shouldn’t be saying this in public), they are not only old, they are Hello Kitty/Disney printed pajamas. (Terrible, I know but they were gifts from my family. What could I do?) It’s definitely time for a change.

vi. Cashmere socks by Brora: Because I’m not like the Sartorialist. I love wearing socks in winter. In fact, I love socks in general. Cashmere would be a luxurious plus.

vii. Wool jumper by Jack Wills: Because I came across this jumper today while looking for a gift for my brother and fell in love with it. It’s so soft and cosy… And the print is perfect for the holidays.

viii. Holidays in Turks and Caicos: Because I’ve been obsessed by these islands in the Caribbean since I started reading Joana’s wonderful blog, My Sea Story. Joana is a fellow Portuguese who is currently living in Providenciales. In her blog she talks about her (and her husband’s) life in the island as well as about her trips to Portugal, London, NY… Expect to find loads of beautiful pictures taken by her (like the one I’m using above, which was unashamedly stolen from her blog), great taste and careful edition in every single post.

And… this is not all. Part ii of the Christmas list will be on shortly!