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Last Wednesday I decided to dig out of the closet a couple of old favourites…

♥ Shirt from Gap (approximately 7 years old) ♥ Skirt from APC (app. 5 years old) ♥ Boots from Vagabond (app. 5 years old – in urgent need of replacement!) ♥ Coat from Topshop (app. 4 years old – I guess this will be its last winter) ♥

I really like this APC skirt. The funny thing is that I don’t even like orange (it’s probably my least preferred colour), but I loved the cut and the cute bows on this skirt so much, I just had to buy it.

My husband calls it the Minnie Mouse skirt… Yeah, there’s a lot of Disney going on in my wardrobe ;)

Minnie Mouse skirt

Donald Duck top