It took me almost 4 years, but I finally made it.

I visit the Noting Hill area often (it’s relatively close to my flat) but I rarely move away from the little triangle Ledbury Road-Westbourne Grove. This little area provides enough to satisfy my cravings for French brands (Aime, Sandro, Les Petites, Comptoir, Maje… are all there) or for a little gastronomic indulgence (two of my favourite food places in London, Taqueria and Ottolenghi, are also there).

Two weeks ago, however, I decided to venture into new worlds and walk as far as Kensington Park Road (er… not that far, I only had to walk for a few minutes). The aim was to visit a store called Couverture and The Garbstore, which I discovered, online, a while ago and whose goods I’ve been since then admiring from the comfort of my sofa…

Wow… Why did it take me so long to visit this shop? I thought I’d all Noting Hill area under control and suddenly… surprise!… Here’s a gem that was almost completely off my radar.

To keep in line with the season’s spirit, let’s just say that they whole store’s content is essentially a Christmas wishlist. I’ve selected a few of my favourites to share with you…

Dress by LocalSilk blouse by Lauren Moffatt Cotton blue top by Ace & Jig Pom pom knit bag by Hansel from Basel Pink cami by Araks

Blue-red silk top by Lauren MoffattMohair jumper by HumanoidGrey coat by Steven Alan Blue cashmere scarf by Ryan Roche Ankle boots by Rachel Comey Cardigan by Objects without meaning (that’s a cool name!)

Jacket by Ace & JigJumper by Colenimo Shoes by Rachel ComeyBra and pants by VPLScarf by Charlotte Linton

And, oh-my-God!, the jewellery…

• Jewellery by Lizzie Fortunato, Odette, Helena Rohner, Aesa, Ros Millar and Mociun


(It’s just a shame I cannot afford almost anything. Bahh. Details.)