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Arrived in my closet last month:

Sandro linen shirt

I’d seen and liked this shirt earlier in the season, but found it too expensive, as it often happens with Sandro. Luckily, I ended up finding it with 50% off a couple of weeks ago in Selfridges. (A picture of me wearing it here.)

A.P.C. mohair jumper

Similar story to the one above. Saw this jumper in store a few months ago, loved it but didn’t want to pay full price for it. One day, in January, while checking My-Wardrobe end of sale I see that there’s 1 last jumper left in my size for £48. That is, less than 25% of the original price. Done. It was fate.

Vanessa Bruno Lune Clutch

This had been on my wishlist for ages. There was no magical ending to the story, though – I did pay full price on this occasion. But I’m happy in the same way. This is a great little bag that, once again, reminds me why I love Vanessa Bruno so much. Good quality products, classic designs with a little twist. Easy to blend in and match with the rest of my wardrobe. The kind of stuff I will happily wear over and over again. (I know, this sounds predictable and boring. But, well, I don’t like disposable. I want my love for my clothes & accessories to last for more than a season or two.)

I got my Lune clutch in pink (a sort of dark, old pink), from Monnier Freres.