A few months ago I was talking with a Twitter friend about sleepwear and I said that I always get mine from either from Gap or, if I want something a bit more feminine, Princesse Tam Tam. Underwear also comes invariably from these two same places or from Calvin Klein (definitely, it has the best bras for my body type). Last Christmas, however, I realised that there’s another brand that plays a major role in my underwear/sleepwear drawers: Oysho.

I’ve bought / been gifted so many pieces from this brand for the past few years that I thought it was time to rectify my words and give it a special mention in this blog.

Oysho is part of the Inditex empire and offers a great range of good quality, good design pieces at reasonable prices. It is the equivalent to Massimo Dutti or Zara in the loungewear/sleepwear/underwear department. (Yeah, I know, I’m pushing it by saying that MD offers reasonable prices or that Zara offers good quality… while it certainly doesn’t apply to all the stuff they sell, I do think that if you search & choose wisely you can get great deals, price-quality wise, in these two brands.)

Here’s some items from Oysho I’ve received…

… or bought for the past months…

I was very much convinced until very recently that this brand was an exclusive of Spain and Portugal, but I’ve found out that they not only have stores in several other countries across the globe (Mexico, China, Egypt, Italy, Netherlands..), but also sell online in the UK (even though they haven’t got any physical store here yet). In fact, the UK online shop is full of nice things from the new collection.

Just have a look at some of my favourites…

Definitely worth having a look: Oysho