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One of the Christmas presents I received from my husband was a little velvet pouch full of Liberty coins. It’s basically a gift voucher for Liberty, one of my favourite shops in London (maybe in the world?), but in a much more appealing format. Heavy, realistic-looking coins printed by Liberty’s Central Bank. How delightful!

(In fact, one of Liberty’s employees told me the coins are printed in the Bank of England printing facility…which I find hard to believe, but well, it kind of sounds amusing.)

I had hoped for a very rational management of my Liberty coin stack during 2013. I’d estimated that the amount would be enough to last until June. Besides, I am attending a weddings this summer and I thought I could use a good share of my coins to buy a lovely dress for the occasion. Ahah… I was fooling myself, obviously. It’s the 2nd of March today and I’ve got only one-third of my initial stack of coins left.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce my 2 investment pieces:

Isabel Marant Etoile Sandrine skirt

A.P.C. blue, silver & white collarless shirt (the photo doesn’t do it justice. The fabric is really lovely)

I couldn’t resist to these two pieces. Haven’t worn them yet (it’s been TOO COLD here in London), but have already figured out several possible looks (do you this when you buy new clothes or shoes? I always do it. I mean, I try to estimate how many nice looks I can create with the item I’m considering buying. The more looks, the higher the probability of buying). I’ve photographed a few of the ways I’m planing to wear these pieces – see below…

♥ with simple black shirt & tights + my Zara booties ♥ with my husband’s XL green jumper ♥ with my Whistles cream top & bare legs(?) (Well, this one is good in theory but in practice I’ve got some doubts. I’ve to accept that cream/beige/nudes are hostile territory for me. Because I’m already too beige myself, these colours don’t do my any favour. I’ll need wear some crazy makeup or jewellery, in order to bring some life to my face) ♥

♥ 70s style with high-waisted corduroy trousers from Anthropologie ♥ A.P.C. good-girl style with shirt & skirt by the french brand and Ash camel boots ♥ relaxed style with H&M boyfriend jeans (hated by my husband. Whatever) and brown brogues from Dune ♥

The allocation of the remaining coins is now under deliberation. I had my heart on a spring jacket by Sessun that I know Liberty is going to stock (this one), but possibly due to the fashion-weeks-effect (i.e. the effect of seeing too many wonderfully dressed women wearing colors, prints, taking risks and being fashionable and happy – see post below), I’m now leaning towards something less sensible and a lot more fashionista from Kenzo (e.g. a nice colourful silk scarf) or Carven (e.g. a wonderful pleated skirt).

I will let you know of the outcome.