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Two things I brought home from my last visit to Portugal:

A new necklace from Zara.

An old little velvet jacket.

My mother was pretty excited about this velvet petit jacket she found in my grandmother’s wardrobe. It’s in excellent condition despite being more than 30 years old. The most lovely thing about it is that it was tailor-made by one of my grandmothers, who used to be a seamstress (or modiste, as she preferred to be called) for my other grandmother :) Very sweet.

Sadly, not everyone at home was able to see the sweetness of the whole thing. As soon as I put the jacket on my father’s first reaction was something like “Don’t tell me you’re seriously planning to wear that tiny jacket…” My brother, on the other hand, said between laughs that I looked like a toureiro (that is, a torero or bullfighter. Basically, something like this). He might have a point.
Buh, men…

Still, my mother and I believe this is a great little jacket and it’d be a shame to leave it abandoned to rot in an old closet. I’ve already thought of several mix & match possibilities, like for instance…

with a delicate lace top (this is from good old Zara) ♦ with a linen/ jeans longish shirt (this one is from Sandro) ♦ with a striped top (almost any colour and format can work. this black & white one is from Cos) ♦ or simply with a dress (this one is an old Vivienne Westwood jersey dress that I love but almost never wear because it’s skin-tight and requires advanced suck-your-belly-in techniques that I’m usually too lazy to endure) ♦

But there are many more possibilities. It’s not that hard to find a place in one’s wardrobe for a little black jacket.

Now I just need the weather to get a bit warmer…