I’ve been feeling a compulsion towards girlish things lately. Maybe it’s because it’s spring. Or maybe it’s just me regressing back to being 14…
Here’s my colourful, happy and shiny latest purchase:

Kalaya pouch bag from Star Mela (available here)

Speaking of Star Mela, here’s a few other shiny happy things I wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe this summer…

From top left corner:

♥ A cute embroidered cotton dress (£125) ♥ A fun carry-all beach bag (£52) ♥ An embellished pastel-coloured clutch (£49) ♥ An embroidered hippie peasant blouse like the ones my mother used to wear (£69) ♥ Another lovely pouch bag in easy to match colour & pattern (£49) ♥ A pair of delicate leather sandals (£67) ♥

Oh my brain is totally set on summer-mode now…

Have a great weekend, everyone! (A great looong weekend for those of us in the UK! Yuppiii!)