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I spent a long weekend in Rome earlier this month. It’s always a pleasure to visit my husband’s family, meet our Roman friends and enjoy this beautiful, sunny city (while eating as much ice cream as humanly possible!).

Here are a few snapshots of our time there….

Flowers upon arrival from my parents-in-law. How sweet are they?

Pink or blue?

A visit to a gem of a store: the “Old factory hat” (Antica Manifattura Cappelli), with my sister-in-law Giulia (on the photo, trying on a summer hat)

Sunny wake-ups

And strolls in the nearby park (here in Villa Ada finally wearing a skirt I bought in February!)

Buying more flowers

and preparing dinner for friends

Dinner on the terrace… (or the beauty of living in a warm country)

The highlight of the weekend (an main reason for our trip): the wedding of our good friends Rosa and Giacomo!

Such a beautiful wedding! Can you see how happy they were?
I must confess I even shed a tear or two…

Movie-like first kiss :)

Rosa’s beautiful dress

and bouquet

Sonia & Rosa

The party…

Wonderful wedding. Even though I literally only knew the bride and the groom (and my husband :) I had a lot of fun. This may sound horrible to say but my experience with weddings is either very tedious (when I don’t know the couple very well or… mmmh… the whole party is really formal and boring) or truly wonderful. This wedding was certainly in the last category. You could feel how much care and love they had put in all the details. And their happiness was palpable!

Congratulations Rosa & Giacomo. Wish you the very, very best!