I figured out I owe you a decent picture of the dress I wore to the wedding in Italy a couple of weeks ago.
I had decided that if I bought a dress this summer it would have to be one from Acne. I simply loved their dress collection this year

(photos from Acne)

Fortunately, and contrary to my initial expectations, I managed to save some of my Liberty coins until late May, when I finally decided to invest them in this blue dress…

(photos from Acne)

I am really pleased with my choice (even though I am sure I’d be equally happy with any of the other dress above). It’s summery, delicate, easy to wear, classic and its colour cheers me (and my pale skin) up.

Here’s how it looks like on me… (oops, the dress is looking a bit wrinkled here. I’d just taken it out of my suitcase when I took the pictures.)

It’ll definitely be in my holiday suitcase.