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Finally, the day arrived: I’m off to Sardinia tomorrow (yahoo!).

We will be travelling with a few friends from London and I am quite excited. I haven’t spent holidays with friends for many years. I am hoping for a lot of sea, sun, food (gelati!!!) and laughter!

I’ve spent the last couple of hours preparing my suitcase. I’ll be carrying roughly the same I took to Sicily last year (you can see it all here), plus a few new items such as…

Etoile Isabel Marant top and jeans – I’ve been coveting these two since February (especially the top) and I finally got them in the sales.

Red (dark orange?) jersey dress from Gap

Pink & striped t-shirt from Gap (got these today. They were super-cheap and will look great with denim shorts). (And, yes, they need to be ironed.)

New bikini! I am very happy with this purchase from Asos. It looks great (well, it works for my body type) and it cost only a little bit more than £20. The brand is South Beach.

I’ll be carrying very little make up. Estee Lauder Daywear is almost finished and I’ve just got this BB cream by La Roche-Posay to replace it. I decided to give it a try because it’s from a reliable brand (my skin never complained when I used Roche Posay products), plus it is cheaper than the EL one and has got SPF20. I hope I will like it.

And, finally, At First Sight by OPI for fingernails (actually this was the colour I wore at my wedding), Foot Loose or Fair Game by Essie for toenails.

And off I go… I still have 2,564 things to do before the trip!

Have a great weekend.
I will be back soon with beautiful (I hope) photos of the Mediterranean Sea. Ciaoooo!