…or how do I fit a million things in 2 small wardrobes…

I decided to take a few pictures of my closets after seeing this very nice post with wardrobe organization tips in Laura Fantacci’s blog.

Obviously, my level of glamour is waaay below that of Laura’s fashion forward friends. Still, I thought it’d be fun to show you how I (try to) keep my stuff (moderately) organised.

I live in a small 60-65 sq m flat (average for London standards, I suppose) and have to keep all my clothes, shoes and accessories in two smallish wardrobes in the study. Fortunately, my husband is very frugal with clothes (same cannot be said about books and dvds, but that’s another story…), which means I can keep a disproportionately large space of the study for me.

So, here we go…

This is the “big” wardrobe. On the left side I keep jackets, skirts and a few trousers, and the right side is reserved for shirts and dresses.
I try to keep it roughly organised by colour to making things easier.

The bottom of the wardrobe is filled with Muji boxes, where I store scarves, hats, gloves and bags, as well as some more delicate items of clothing.

The Muji boxes

The (squashed, poor) handbags

And this is the “small” wardrobe. Due to the limited amount of shelves (why? why? I need shelves!) I’d to buy these Ikea hangers where I can stack all my tees, tops and jersey dresses. I try to keep it organised by type and colour (i.e. white, darks, stripes, jersey dresses, etc), but, yeah, it gets permanently messy as you can see. Ideally I’d tidy it up every weekend…

Next to these red hangers I keep my wool jumpers and dresses and at the bottom I try to stack all the shoe boxes…

The wools (the middle shelf is actually my husband’s. I know, I’m so generous giving him all this space…)

The shoes

and more shoe boxes outside

Finally, in the bedroom I keep my makeup and jewellery, which I try to store as much as possible inside Muji acrylic boxes…

all the makeup and hair products (most used or chunkier items remain outside the boxes)

makeup roughly organised by “function”: pencils, lips, eye-shadows…

just to give you a perspective of our different levels of consumption grooming

jewellery (less used items go in the big patterned box)

And that’s basically it.

The bad news? I’ve got too much stuff. Keeping it organised in a smallish space means periodical editing (and consequent ebay selling or family/charity donations) AND permanent tidying up.

The good news? I am moving to a larger house very soon! And even if it won’t be fulfilling my dream of having a walk-in wardrobe (yet!), it’ll have more storage space. And shelves. Wardrobes with shelves. Yahoo!