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Given my current state, there are not many things worth buying garments-wise.I have been “lucky” so far and I’m still able to wear many of my clothes at almost 7 months pregnant.* But even if my body hasn’t gone through many dramatic changes (yet…) I think there’s no point in spending a lot of money in clothes before the baby is here.

The exception to this rule has been knitwear because, well, it’s kind of stretchy (and, well, I had to vent out my consumerist instintcs anyhow :)

I keep seeing gorgeous sweaters popping up everywhere in great colours and patterns and I have to stop myself from buying too many of them! I think I have bought 5 or 6 wool sweaters since July. Totally renewing my wardrobe in this department.
Here’s the last batch arriving to my closet. All pink and burgundy tones…

By Malene Birger (The Outnet)
Pink, silver and very roomy thanks to the opening in the back

Helmut Lang (The Outnet)
I always wanted to get something by Helmut Lang but the price range is usually out of my budget. In June I was given a gift voucher from The Outnet and it was the prefect excuse to finally splurge.

IRO (My-Wardrobe)
My first item from French brand IRO. It was calling my name.

* Big, huge exception being the underwear department… The bras department in particular. There was no way I could keep wearing my old bras while pregnant. That has been a dra-ma-ti-c change in my body. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to go back to my pre-pregnancy size. Uff.. a topic worth of a separate post on its own :)