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If there’s a new season piece I’ve been obsessing over for the past weeks, it has to be the winter coat. I cannot open a fashion magazine without falling in love with a new coat. There’s such a variety of beautiful colours, cuts and materials. Ahhh… had I unlimited funds and storage space, I’d buy a handful of them!

Here are some of my favourites now in stores (but there are many other beautiful ones still to arrive later in the season… or so the magazine adverts make me believe).

Pinks & Purples

Rochas (so-beautiful-it-hurts)Jil Sander (so-atemporal-it’s-almost-a-necessity)


Acne (cool, cool, cool)Carven (cute, cute, cute. And this one is also cute)

Camels & Greens

Isabel Marant (I need a camel coat in my closet)Max Mara (I don’t really need a green coat in my closet, but this one is so beautiful and looks so soft, I promise I’d wear it forever and ever)

Greys & Blacks

Zara (useful and classic)Zara (sleek and classic)

Do you have any favourites to add to this list?

Just in


The result of a recent splurge trip to Zara

floral jacquard sweatercream blousejacquard coat
(all photos from Zara)

Accompanying thoughts:

− is it too crazy to start buying autumn clothes in the middle of summer? (especially when it was over 30C less than a week ago?) I say no. Some of my all time best winter purchases were made during summer months.

− on the grey sweater: I loved the texture. And the colour is handy. Grey goes with everything.

− on the cream blouse: liked the little details around the neckline and on the sleeves. Got it in size L for a loose(r) look. I can never have too many white/cream blouses and shirts.

− on the black & white coat: didn’t resist the cocoon shape and the black and white geometric pattern. It is a risky purchase, though: pattern is very easy to remember and being from Zara I’m afraid I’ll see another 378 identical twins every time I step out (in fact, i am still questioning whether to keep it).

Quick update



hey! I’m back from lovely Sardinia and seriously enjoying super-sunny London .

I’ll show you more from my holidays soon, but for the time being here is a handful of recent pictures straight from my mobile…

Views from our (or better, our friend P’s) lovely villa in northern Sardinia
(you can even see Corsica on the left)

more views…

and beautiful late afternoon light

First day back in London – on my way to Sunday farmers’ market
(coming back from holidays is so much easier when there’s sun in London!)

The market at Queen’s Park

New addition to the list of favourite boutiques in London: Iris boutique on Salusbury Road / Victoria Road.
Full of delightful pieces from my favourite brands: Vanessa Bruno Athe, Jerome Dreyfuss, Isabel Marant, Acne, Bash, Eberjey, Carven…

I couldn’t resist buying myself a little gift.



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Finally, the day arrived: I’m off to Sardinia tomorrow (yahoo!).

We will be travelling with a few friends from London and I am quite excited. I haven’t spent holidays with friends for many years. I am hoping for a lot of sea, sun, food (gelati!!!) and laughter!

I’ve spent the last couple of hours preparing my suitcase. I’ll be carrying roughly the same I took to Sicily last year (you can see it all here), plus a few new items such as…

Etoile Isabel Marant top and jeans – I’ve been coveting these two since February (especially the top) and I finally got them in the sales.

Red (dark orange?) jersey dress from Gap

Pink & striped t-shirt from Gap (got these today. They were super-cheap and will look great with denim shorts). (And, yes, they need to be ironed.)

New bikini! I am very happy with this purchase from Asos. It looks great (well, it works for my body type) and it cost only a little bit more than £20. The brand is South Beach.

I’ll be carrying very little make up. Estee Lauder Daywear is almost finished and I’ve just got this BB cream by La Roche-Posay to replace it. I decided to give it a try because it’s from a reliable brand (my skin never complained when I used Roche Posay products), plus it is cheaper than the EL one and has got SPF20. I hope I will like it.

And, finally, At First Sight by OPI for fingernails (actually this was the colour I wore at my wedding), Foot Loose or Fair Game by Essie for toenails.

And off I go… I still have 2,564 things to do before the trip!

Have a great weekend.
I will be back soon with beautiful (I hope) photos of the Mediterranean Sea. Ciaoooo!

Blue dress


I figured out I owe you a decent picture of the dress I wore to the wedding in Italy a couple of weeks ago.
I had decided that if I bought a dress this summer it would have to be one from Acne. I simply loved their dress collection this year

(photos from Acne)

Fortunately, and contrary to my initial expectations, I managed to save some of my Liberty coins until late May, when I finally decided to invest them in this blue dress…

(photos from Acne)

I am really pleased with my choice (even though I am sure I’d be equally happy with any of the other dress above). It’s summery, delicate, easy to wear, classic and its colour cheers me (and my pale skin) up.

Here’s how it looks like on me… (oops, the dress is looking a bit wrinkled here. I’d just taken it out of my suitcase when I took the pictures.)

It’ll definitely be in my holiday suitcase.

Weekend in Rome


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I spent a long weekend in Rome earlier this month. It’s always a pleasure to visit my husband’s family, meet our Roman friends and enjoy this beautiful, sunny city (while eating as much ice cream as humanly possible!).

Here are a few snapshots of our time there….

Flowers upon arrival from my parents-in-law. How sweet are they?

Pink or blue?

A visit to a gem of a store: the “Old factory hat” (Antica Manifattura Cappelli), with my sister-in-law Giulia (on the photo, trying on a summer hat)

Sunny wake-ups

And strolls in the nearby park (here in Villa Ada finally wearing a skirt I bought in February!)

Buying more flowers

and preparing dinner for friends

Dinner on the terrace… (or the beauty of living in a warm country)

The highlight of the weekend (an main reason for our trip): the wedding of our good friends Rosa and Giacomo!

Such a beautiful wedding! Can you see how happy they were?
I must confess I even shed a tear or two…

Movie-like first kiss :)

Rosa’s beautiful dress

and bouquet

Sonia & Rosa

The party…

Wonderful wedding. Even though I literally only knew the bride and the groom (and my husband :) I had a lot of fun. This may sound horrible to say but my experience with weddings is either very tedious (when I don’t know the couple very well or… mmmh… the whole party is really formal and boring) or truly wonderful. This wedding was certainly in the last category. You could feel how much care and love they had put in all the details. And their happiness was palpable!

Congratulations Rosa & Giacomo. Wish you the very, very best!